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Gas in Ukraine
For the first time in Ukraine, encountered natural gas while drilling and operating oil wells in the Borislav oil field. The gas industry developed not only in the south and later in the west but also in the east of Ukraine. Here, its development was associated, as in other European countries, with the use of coke oven gas for underground coal gasification. In the 30s of the twentieth century. In the Donetsk coal basin, the first short-length gas pipelines were built, in particular from the Rudchenkovsky coke-chemical plant to the Metallurgical plant in Donetsk
Development of production and extraction
At this stage of development of gas production and extraction in Ukraine, we have the following indicators: in 2019, Ukraine produced 20.7 billion cubic meters. m of gas.
Gas and products of its processing are of great importance today for the functioning of the economy and the life of the population and will be even more important in the future. Natural gas is widely used as a fuel in combined heat and power plants that generate electricity and heat for large cities, in the production of building materials, public utilities, and is consumed in the metallurgical, cement and chemical industries
30s of the twentieth century
2019 year
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